Adoption Facts

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We recognize that the intricacies of adoption law can be confusing. We strive to ensure that the biological parents and the adopting parents fully understand the legal and procedural requirements of their adoption plan. Particular concern is given to insure that any legal, medical or financial risks are properly evaluated, managed and understood by each party in the adoption placement. Above all else, we strive to insure that each adoption placement assures a safe and secure outcome for the child.

Adoption Requirements

Since our firm is based in Louisiana, the majority of our adoption placements occur here. However, we work with many birth parents and prospective adoptive parents from many states. We require that the basic adoption requisites of Louisiana and/or other states be strictly followed before accepting any adoption placements.

Medical Histories

The best interest of the child requires that the adopting parents have as much medical information as possible about the child. We secure an extensive medical/social/educational history from the biological mothers. In addition, we obtain medical releases from the biological mothers so that the hospital and OB/GYN records are part of the child's permanent medical history. When possible, we get similar histories from the biological father.

Good prenatal care is critical for the health of the birth mother and, of course, the child. We work hard to make sure that all doctor's appointments are kept and doctor's instructions are followed by the birth mother.

Cost of Adoption

The costs of adoption may vary greatly depending upon the needs of a particular placement. The attorney's fees and court cases of most adoption plans are a small portion of the total cost. The greatest expenses in most adoptions are the medical and support for the birth mother.*

We strive to keep adoption expenses within the budgets provided by our clients. Our goal is to make sure that adoptions remain affordable. We routinely report all of our fees, costs and expenses to our clients.


In almost all adoption plans, there is a significant risk factor. Each adoption plan has its emotional risks in addition to the financial, medical and/or legal risk. We attempt to minimize these risks as well as maximize our client's understanding of the risks of each adoption plan.

*Support payments for the birth mother are allowable in
Louisiana, but vary from state to state.
These expenses are also the most difficult to predict and control.